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No matter your vacation plans! 


Ensuring that you stay healthy while traveling is our top priority at The Drug Boutique. With our travel clinics and immunizations, you can enjoy your trip abroad with peace of mind, knowing that you are well prepared for any health risks you may encounter.

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We make travel health as EASY

Pick a Package

Pick one of our travel clinic packages below, to take advantage of our services includes vaccinations, travel consultations, and more. You can book your appointment and make payments directly from our securely on our website. Plan your next travel adventure with confidence.

Fill the Intake Form

We prioritize your health and safety when traveling. Our easy and intuitive intake form will gather all important information about your travel plans, including your destinations and activities. By providing us with this information, we can offer personalized recommendations to make your trip as risk-free as possible.

Schedule an Appointment

Schedule your appointment to come in to get your vaccinations, and to pick up all of your medications required for your travels. Our team can also charge your insurance provider directly and provide you with receipts, as well as documentations outlining your vaccinations.




Fill the Intake Form

Pick a Package
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